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At QFC Industries, Inc., we are completely committed to compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We have a number of organization initiatives that support stewardship and responsibility with respect to good environmental housekeeping practices. We have a business strategy that recognizes and incorporates the importance of sustaining the environment by implementing industry best practices and environmental initiatives in the following key areas:


  • Collaboration with our suppliers


  • Compliance with laws and industry best practices


  • Maintaining a culture that encourages environmental protection


  • Ensuring our employees have a safe and healthy work environment


We integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations in all aspects of our business. We continually review and refine our efforts to sustain our environment.


Investing in Sustainability


We are committed to sustainability with our customers and suppliers and recognize that protecting the environment is necessarily a collaborative effort. At QFC Industries, Inc., we think about the environment beyond our operations and consider how our business can help our customers and suppliers further the collective goal of protecting the environment.


Regulations and Best Practices


We conducte our operations in compliance with all applicable regulatory laws and our own exacting standards. We continuously improve our health, safety, and environmental performance through the establishment of targets and objectives to reduce our usage, discharges and emissions to the environment. We utilize a comprehensive health, safety, and environmental management system based on recognized third-party standards and industry best practices, including practices and procedures for the proper use, handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous materials and substances. Through our compliance with these standards and upholding these best practices, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment, conserve energy in our operations, and ensure that we take responsibility for the risks associated with chemicals and components of our products.


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Click on the image to view QFC's DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate

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