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The health and safety of our employees, contractors, and all users of our facilities are of primary importance. We have established, implemented, and continually improved our health, safety, and environmental management system to ensure the fulfillment of our objectives and compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to:


  • Providing safe places of work and healthy working environments for our employees, contractors, and users of our facilities


  • Preventing injuries and illnesses through the development and implementation of safe working policies, practices and procedures, training in those elements, and monitoring the results within each facility


  • Promoting health, safety, and environmental protection as an integral part of the duties of management along with the education of all our employees


  • Supplying appropriate information, instruction, and training to promote awareness of health, safety, and environmental concerns and the responsibility of each of our employees to prevent injury to themselves and others


  • Complying with all health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations


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